Building Your House or Pyramid

Episode Notes

Building a financial plan is like building a house, or even a pyramid. You need a solid foundation and it needs to be built in order.  For a financial plan, there is a hierarchy of goals.  Yes, some are more important than others.  Put on your construction hat as Amy helps us build.

While the priority of needs may sometimes vary, you need to start with a foundation. 

  1. Cash Reserves
  2. Debt
  3. Protection

Once you have the foundation in place, you can focus more on medium and long term goals, the walls, or "floors" of your house. These could be college funds, vacation homes, or other goals.  

Next, you can focus on retirement and financial independence. 

Finally, at the top, you can take care of estate planning.

And don't forget the cloud above your house or pyramid - taxes.  Amy explains.

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