For The Nurses

Episode Notes

At Thimbleberry Financial, Amy Walls does a fair amount of work in the healthcare sector, and she works with many nurses. Today we look at some of the unique issues that nurses face when planning their financial future.

As of the last census, nurses were 91% women (though we expect that to change with this year's count). Statistically, women are more likely to live longer, and tend to be more natural caregivers.

Amy explains why retirement is not a light switch, or an Instant pot - it needs to be carefully planned out , using money as a tool.

We also cover why nurses , caregivers that they are, sometimes have other family members to take care of, and how that can have an impact on their plans.

Finally, we look at nurses' ability to modify their schedules, and wind down toward retirement.  We explore why some nurses are happier in this phase than their retirement itself.

Bottom line, nurses are amazing people with a unique demeanor and skillset for taking care of others. They shouldn't be afraid to seek specialized help for themselves -with a financial advisor.

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