Mindfulness and Money

Episode Notes

Yes, "mindfulness" has become a buzzword in today's society.  But mindfulness is an important piece of managing your money.  It involves observing yourself and your habits without judgement.  Today, Amy and Jag dig a little deeper into mindfulness and money.

Amy doesn't want to manage budgets for her clients. She wants to create spending plans. The difference? Mindfulness. To borrow a page from Marie Kondo, spending should be focused around what creates joy.

In a previous episode, we discussed the Aesop's Fable about the ant and the grasshopper.  Ants are savers, and grasshoppers are spenders.  Which are you?  Amy discusses mindful strategies for both sets of personalities. And Jag shares a story about how he (the grasshopper) and his wife (the ant) have found ways to help each other and compromise.  And Amy shares some additional tips as well.

Finally, mindfulness can expand into your investing - we look at socially responsible investing, ESG investing, and impact investing.

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