Why a Recession Shouldn't Matter To You

Episode Notes

We are talking about the dreaded "R-Word" today - RECESSION!   Maybe it doesn't matter to you personally, or at least as much as you might think.

A recession is a "lagging indicator" - which means we can only tell if one exists in hindsight, not by looking ahead.  And if you knew a recession was coming, how much of your day-to-day life would you really change?  Remember, news outlets are always trying to get eyeballs and clicks - so take any hype you hear with a big grain of salt.

Yes, recessions can be scary and invoke many fears.  But in addition to media hype, this is because most Americans aren't financially prepared.   On average, a recession happens around every 5 years, and lasts 11 months.  That's means we only spend about 20% of our time in one!   

As always, it comes down to preparation.  Amy and Jag break down the best ways to prepare for a recession.  So when one comes, you'll be ready.

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