The Income Danger Zone

Episode Notes

The Income Danger Zone isn't something you're going to find on a big bank's website or on Google, but it's a term that Amy Walls has come up with in her nearly two decades as a financial advisor.

The Income Danger Zone is when you're earning enough to not be living paycheck to paycheck, but you aren't to the point where you can live without a budget.  And it happens to many of us, often when growing in a career or when childcare expenses lessen. 

You may be in the Income Danger Zone if you find yourself splurging, and promising to make it up next month, the proverbial "robbing Peter to pay Paul."  Also, inconsistent income can easily lead to the Income Danger Zone.

This Income Danger Zone can lead to "lifestyle creep," as well as debt, and even emotional and behavioral pain.  The keys to avoiding it are intentionality and planning.


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