Meet the Thimbleberry Team

Episode Notes

It's hard to believe Amy and Jag have been doing this podcast for two and a half years!  We've spent countless episodes talking about your financial future, and the psychology behind investing.

Today, we wanted to take a moment to introduce the Thimbleberry Financial team, and how they will work with you to manage your money.

Amy and her team focus on six core values.  She explains what each means and translates to.

  1. Integrity
  2. Personal
  3. Predictable
  4. Simplicity
  5. Focused
  6. Control

While not intentionally created this way, the Thimbleberry team is all female.  It starts with Amy as the advisor (although we will have a second taking her CFP exam soon).  As the firm grows, we will develop service teams to deal with clients in specific sectors, including a paraplanner, operations specialist, and of course our office manager. This will enable us to super-serve our clients, while not overwhelming them with too many people to talk to.   We meet almost all our clients virtually and that will likely continue. 

As a CFP (Certified Financial Planner), Amy also is held to a fiduciary standard and must act in the best interest of her clients.  She clears up some confusion around this term and explains what it means for you.

Finally, Jag asks a question that's been on his mind for the last 30 months.  Where did the name Thimbleberry Financial come from?  You'll like Amy's answer.

For questions about  anything related to your financial future, reach Amy Walls and her team at Thimbleberry Financial at (503) 610-6510, or on the web at