Types of Life Insurance

Episode Notes

For Amy Walls, life insurance is personal.  Today, she explains what she went through as a child that informs her feelings on the topic today.

For many, life insurance can be complicated.  We break it all down for you today, starting with temporary (term) insurance and permanent life insurance - and the different categories within it.

As with most types of insurance, we'll have needs at different points in our lives, depending on income, assets, and what needs to be protected.

Within permanent types of insurance, Amy explains the differences between Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, and Variable Universal Life Insurance policies.  They can all be great tools, but very dangerous if used improperly.

Remember, a life insurance policy isn't about taking care of yourself.  It's about taking care of those you care about.

Finally, Jag asks Amy about those who may not need life insurance.

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